REDD+ Partnership 

The REDD+ Partnership serves as an interim platform for its partner countries to scale up actions and finance for initiatives to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) in developing countries.

To that effect, the Partnership aims to take immediate action, including improving the effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and coordination of REDD+ initiatives and financial instruments, to facilitate among other things knowledge transfer, capacity enhancement, mitigation actions and technology development and transfer.  See REDD+ Partnership document.

This website holds information on the work of the Partnership, its aims and progress, and key documents, including the outcomes of Partnership meetings and workshops. 




REDD+ Partnership Partnership Document download here

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As of 1 August 2012, the Partnership included 75 Partner countries. ...more-countries  


Consult the voluntary REDD+ Database with information on REDD+ financing, actions and results, aimed to improve the transparency and coordination of REDD+ actions and support of the REDD+Partnership. ...more.

The REDD+ Partnership is open to all countries willing to support or undertake REDD+ actions.

For countries wishing to become a Partner to the Interim REDD+ Partnership: Please send an official request to become a Partner to, including contact details to a government focal point. The REDD+ Partnership builds on a voluntary, non-legally binding framework, within which the Partners may develop and implement collaborative efforts for REDD+. This framework is formalized in the REDD+ Partnership document, adopted in Oslo, May 2010. By submitting the request, the country indicates that it concurs with this document. At its next meeting, the Partnership will address the request and welcome the new member.

For organizations wishing to be registered as Stakeholders to the Interim REDD+ Partnership: To be registered as a stakeholder to the Partnership, you need to be affiliated with an organization that is registered as an Observer with UNFCCC. Please send an email to, including support for this affiliation. For more information, please see the Partnership’s agreed modalities for Stakeholder participation.